Red in the Bay – 1

A set of images over the next few days from the first photography fieldtrip of the year of Cardiff U3A Photography Group. The theme (as it happened, on a very blustery and damp day) was “Red in the Bay” inspired by the Weeping Window installed at the Senedd Building, so it’s appropriate I start with three images of that installation.

I decided to take some pictures with my iPhone alongside the Sony A7r to see where exactly the difference was most likely to show. I tried to crop the images to about the same size – they were taken at exactly the same location – and then tried to get the best image out of them in post-processing. This, as I said on a pretty changeable day. So in the first pair, I can’t see much difference between the two, with perhaps the one above being slightly more pleasing due to the better light. Which one was taken by the expensive camera – see below for the answer.

The first of the pairing was taken with an iPhone 6s @ ISO 25, 1/480sec at f2.2, focal length 4.15mm, the second with the A7r and its 35mm f2.8 lens @ ISO 400, 1/200sec at f4.

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